Debbie Martin

The Story of Debbie Makes It

I have always been a little crafty. A part of my childhood that I truly treasure. Mom was a quilt maker and we did little craft projects together. From candle making, to stamping, to teaching me to croshay, She was always encouraging me to try new things. The memory that I cherish the most is when Mom would load me in the car, pick up Grandma and I knew a day of adventure awaited. My Mom would grab the Thomas Guide hand it to my Grandma and then hand me a stack of postcards she collected notifying her of all the local boutiques that were happening. Those were the days when you went to people’s homes. You’d shop in homes beautifully decorated for Christmas. You enjoyed Christmas music, hot cocoa and homemade baked goods. I became hooked. My Mom would explain to me how each item was made by hand and it should be treasured.

Over the years I continued with little projects here and there but I really got into crafting in 2020 as we were all stuck at home. I took a friend to a local Long Beach boutique and I found this ornament that I had to have. It was a Daschund with a mini Christmas tree. My husband and I just adopted a Daschund earlier in the year. This was to be his first Christmas ornament. I thought to myself the $25 price tag was a little steep, but as my Mom had taught me, homemade is worth it. This is where it all began. As I kept staring at it I thought, “I could probably make this myself.” And so it began. To Pinterest, to Google, to Etsy, to crafter blogs... the obsession began. I ended up making these cute dome ornaments for Christmas gifts and gave them to everyone. I personalized each one for the specific recipient. Well, they were a hit! In 2021, as we are still mostly homebound, I decided to up my craft game. I developed a ribbon addiction and I even found glitter glue gun sticks. Amazing! I discovered a world of miniatures that I didn’t even know existed and now it’s “a thing”, my thing.

Debbie Makes It and that I do.


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